The photographer in the excitement of the first dance, at a wedding


With more or less effort, the wedding photographers when covering the wedding day, since they learn the architecture of it, start to predict the unexpected and have the ability to be calm enough, so that nothing is left to do. I still remember my first days at the weddings, my affliction predicting the next moves, the center of the events and, with that, set the location of the best point of view so that each photo, I could take, was essential for the telling of the story of the day and, especially, the importance of that moment.

However, even today, there is a part of the wedding event that, for more experience and foresight achieved over time, it is always a challenge and that affliction, of the first weddings, comes back to challenge me. Well, it is not that affliction without knowing what to do for the first time, but it is the affliction to predict. Of course, I react faster, I analyze the surroundings easier when I am in front of a subject on which I have no idea how it will behave. Furthermore, the wedding photographer is, at that moment, subject to an environment of illumination over which he has no power.

But, I do not know if it is my temperament or because of the need for adaptation, those moments of affliction are, truthfully, moments of great excitation, searching for the best way to bring the first dance, of the wedding couple, in photos that show them how they were, both, in that beautiful moment. As a wedding photographer, I asked the author of the article, me, to change the word affliction by one used some lines behind, excitation. It is, in fact, what it is about. Every time the wedding’s first dance is about to begin, I never stop feeling that excitement in the face of the unpredictable that, instead put me in an affliction, throws me into a state of effectiveness that, often, amazes me.

Newlyweds in the first dance of the wedding day.

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