In profile and seen inside the car, the bride arrives at the ceremony, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

The photographer in the hustle and bustle of the wedding ceremony


In profile and seen inside the car, the bride arrives at the ceremony, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

  Maybe the most euphoric moments of my day, as a wedding photographer, are when I anticipate the beginning of the wedding ceremony when everything is ready for the big moment and the officiant is already prepared at the ceremonial table, whether on a Venue or at a Church and the groom, with apparent calm, waits patiently that his more than everything appears at the bottom and start to walk in the aisle, the same way the princesses have done in their own time.

Precisely at that moment, it starts my euphoria, in the form of nervousness, because I know that everything will be very fast, even if the bride walks in shy steps calmly supported by his father because he knows it is the last time he will be next to her, take advantage and not let her run away near to someone that will tell her, with any indecision, his yes, I do.

   But, for me, those steps need to be followed for flawless registration and, at the same time, assure that all those that are in the place with them flanking the aisle do not be left behind by one of my cameras and the other one follows the steps one by one, the shining eyes of the bride and a father well aware of the importance of the moment.

It seems an easy way to do because it is straight ahead and the wedding photographer seems like a little bird I saw in the fields when I was a kid, that each step he took, he changes the position of the body ten times, finding the little grains on which he fed.

To accomplish the framing that the wedding photographer likes so much and show the way from different points of view as if they are frames of a movie letting us see the way from different manners of the same event, he must be quick and change his shape as many times as the points of view needed for the photographic shots he wants to make.

   The path was done, the photos were assured, and what is important, all the ceremonial that takes us to that yes, I do, for what everything was done until that moment and the fundamental reason for all the feast that will come next.

Also there, the wedding photographer must use his imagination and find the best points of view, the right place where he needs to be for the photo, be the most observing person in place, and fast enough to not let go away what one offered by the newlyweds or by those that surround them.

But, that is a subject for another article and not use everything at once. But one thing I am sure of, if you doubt and think that the wedding photographer is exaggerating what he needs to do for the delivery of the photos, next time you will be at a wedding, instead of giving your attention to the wedding couple let it go to the photographer in service.

Maybe, it is me.

The groom, arm in arm with his mother, goes down the stairs that take him to the ceremony table, followed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.
The groom, already smiling at the ceremony, waits for the arrival of the bride.
Among the plants that give access to the place of the wedding ceremony, the bride appears arm in arm with her father.
The bride, with her father and the boy with the wedding rings, walks on the wooden drawbridge that leads to the ceremonial table, followed by the wedding photographer.
The bride and groom smiling as the bride arrives at the ceremonial table, as seen by the wedding photographer.

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