Groom's hands buttoning a shoe, in the morning of preparation for the ceremony, as seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The photographer in the land of the shy, in weddings


Groom's hands buttoning a shoe, in the morning of preparation for the ceremony, as seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

   One of the things that I like the most when I am a photographer at a wedding is to deal with very different people, most of the time without interacting with them, just observing and stealing moments, but, here and there, detecting some discomfort with my cameras and knowing what to do in that special moment.

Sometimes I just clean my face, smile, hide it again and it is done. In others, it is necessary to detect that it is not possible, discomfort is not good for photographs, and the wedding photographer goes way to another part where he knows that the photos are waiting for him. In a place where everybody knows that the photographer was paid to be there to take, that is exactly what he does, the photos that the people are making.

We, me and my lenses, will find those who do not care about it and just take as most as you can, those that think they are humorists and you must take care or I can damage your camera, those who are, all the time, offering themselves to the camera and invent them, the photos, and whoever does neither one thing nor the other, but who, without saying a word, not me.

  I can find them the moment I arrive at the first part of the task.  It could be the father, sometimes the mother, or one of the grandparents who say that if you can not take a few years away from me it is not worth it, or, what is worse, it could be the groom. It is rare, but it happens.

And when it happens, it could be a real problem for the wedding photographer, so now how I will tell this part of the story of the wedding day, I was hired to take the photos from you and you can not tell me that I did not do my work properly, I did not come from so far to this…yes, I could say all this, but it would be very foolish.

It will not solve the problem, the wedding photographer will be a rude person and not show any respect for his work. Well…it is not a problem, do your work, get yourself ready for yours more them anything, I will take care without you noticing.

     You know, that belief of the wedding photographer that he has the gift of invisibility. Until now, nobody told me that it is not true and…it works and if it works we use it for the common good.

That is,  do to the shy what I like the shy to do to me when I am with them as the photographer of their wedding day.

I do not care about them. I could be the psychologist and teach them some tricks to get rid of the shyness, take a deep breath and imagine that you have known me for so long or that I am your best friend and you have known my lens for a long time.

I have already written here, my lenses, sometimes, are very annoying but I have told them that, when we have a shy in front of us, the best way is to disappear, not even the air knows about us, and what happens is a happening and this is something that photographer, cameras, and lenses love it so much and, like that, we know, when we go away to the other chapter of the story, our duty is fulfilled without them, the timid, having given themselves to such thing, to shyness.

It is a great trick, it always works and it gets more and more accurate.

The groom buttoning the top button of his shirt as he prepares for the wedding ceremony.

The groom with his hands in his pockets, already dressed for the wedding, seen in a mirror by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

Portrait of the groom in a mirror with photo frames in front of them, out of focus, in a composition by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

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