The photographer in the last moments with the bride, for the wedding


The wedding photographers know very well the importance of the last details, even before leaving for the wedding ceremony which is always of great bustle and allow the wedding photographer to explore all the moments for photos, that only the inattentive does not notice it. They are the last settings in the dress, the touch-up on the lips, the bouquet, do not forget the bouquet, where is my father, call father because I am just about to leave. Well, I always like that everything must be perfect the first time but, as a photographer at the wedding and with proud of it, I love the confusion in the bustle, with everybody giving the last ideas and, even, wanting to do the last detail, the one, the perfect one, because the bride, without it, never will be ready to go.

I need to clarify why I have more brides getting ready in my blog posts. It is not because the wedding photographer has something against the groom. Nothing like that. It is just…brides are brides and give so much more things, and moments, to photograph. The groom is practical, fast, and with no great need for settings. When he is ready, he just is. Now, with the bride, I never guess when my occupation is done unless when, next to her father, she starts to walk that path until the altar, where her groom is waiting for the yes they are waiting for so long.

On the other hand, I must recognize that those moments, near the bride and those who help her to go as a bride to the altar, whether in a church or in the venue, end up becoming some sort of laboratory experiments that teach me to be fast in the reaction, better observer and, in the end, better prepared for my following clients. In the end, everybody wins. The wedding photographer takes better photos and the bride, for sure, will be stunning for the expected encounter.

Bride in a mirror during her wedding preparation.
Final adjustment of the bride's lips with the one in the mirror.
Bride, ready, smiling in the mirror.
When putting on the bride's shoes.
Detail of the sleeves of the bride's dress.

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