The bride, from the front, holds a small mirror in her hand while she sees herself reflected, from the back, in a mirror on the wall, seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The photographer in the transformation, for the wedding


The bride, from the front, holds a small mirror in her hand while she sees herself reflected, from the back, in a mirror on the wall, seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

   Going to a job, as a wedding photographer, from which the client expects the best from us and not knowing at all what is going to happen, can be scary. For the client, if he does not trust me and, for me, if he or she, does not offer me what I expect from them. Once, I worked on making photos that before, already existed. They were explained in detail in the paper on the will of the client. It was easier, on the one side, because I did not have the need to deal with the unexpected but, on the other side, it could be boring because my side loved the unknown and I was a bit awkward with the perfect projects. I always loved my work, transforming things to make photographs, but it seemed that something was missing and I was not totally immersed in the process. Almost half of my life as a photographer has passed with that doubt. I love it, very much, but…

     I discover it, in a glimpse, one day and without looking for an answer. It was the first wedding I photographed and about it, I already brought here some memories. So, it was that. What makes you drive is not knowing what comes next this one. You do not have a minimal idea of what they will go give next, those who asked you to come and to be with them today, for the upcoming photo will be here any moment and you must guess when and where. On top of that, you do not have the slightest idea where it will come from. This is the frisson you wanted for all your photographic life. All right, take advantage because it is something that you will have, here, in quantity and quality. But you must do it without bothering anyone or changing the course of the happenings because, if you do it, you blow everything and that frisson is worthless.

    It is everything a question of energy and knowing what to do with it. What makes you afraid can bring to the front the solutions to avoid it and surpass it. I must confess that I discovered that these scary moments were, are, always in anticipation. Exactly before the moment of entering that space where things and people are transforming and, also, suffer by anticipation of the great moment for what they are in transformation. From the moment when the wedding photographer enters that space, almost sacred and intimate, he does not have time to think about it, in fright, and, suddenly, the photographs start to come in his direction, in so much quantity and quality, that without having time to think about it he is already with the camera in the front of the face, he starts to be invisible to everyone and the real work just started. Without the slightest fear and a minimum of tension, he enters the whirlwind of the happenings with the same skills as the master of surf waves on a slippery board on award day. Also, the wedding photographer will take them with him, a lot, during the day that was just about to start, since the scare was gone.

Bride being combed in preparation for the ceremony by the Algarve wedding photographer.

With a small round mirror in her hand, the bride sees herself in it, during the process of combing her hair, in a composition by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

In a mirror, the bride being combed, next to the word Love, on a piece of furniture, as seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The bride's father joins her and whoever is with her as she prepares for her wedding at Club Nau in Ferragudo.

Detail of the ring support with a drawing of two birds kissing, as shown by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

Fabric flower on the bride's dress, in composition by the Algarve wedding photographer.

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