The photographer in the whirlwind of a wedding party


How much I like the mess. As a wedding photographer, one of the challenges I like the most is to pick up harmony, balance, and a good composition in the middle of the chaos, the imponderable, and …the mess. It is like if an unorganized organization revealed harmonious as I remove some pieces that compose it.

In those situations, the wedding photographer jumps and kneels and, even if he is not a dancer, participates in the challenges happening between guests in the things of bodies, music with their rhythms, and some traditions in the mix. The same way he does not stop to find for the best point of view, very fast to lose, the best way is to follow the turbulence like a river after the strong rain and, here and there, stop in the move, to detail like a movie close up.

Also, there are those that finish partying, dancing, and all those things that must be done until the end and, one by one leaves with the duty fulfilled because participated. Even, to the wedding photographer, the moment will come to that merited rest. Of course. 

Search more about Fernando Colaço, the Portugal Wedding Photographer. Why he photograph weddings, how is the method for his work.

Some photos from a wedding at Quinta da Ramila near Fátima.

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