The photographer in the whirlwind of the wedding party


While the wedding photographer, the groom, and the bride were entertained to compose some photos, that will allow them to remember for a long time, and as if continuing the end of the last post, we enter, again, in the party that never stopped to be. If you think that both and I were quietly seated to rest from our ride, you are totally wrong.

There, whoever stayed … didn’t stay. Rather on the contrary. Walked, danced, jumped, hugged, and kissed, and immediately after the moment we entered the room all the energy around took over straight to the next chapter of this wedding day story, which must be lived and told. The wedding photographer change his lens already screaming inside the bag now me and went straight into the whirlwind of joy.

The wedding photographer, when covering one, must have that curious child and full of energy inside him, always ready, that made him with no rest, observe and run to pick it up what must be told. I think, no I am sure, that my work, while in charge to write this story to tell later, perhaps much later, I will have the compensation for this hard work. Knowing that, ahead, I will know about satisfied eyes, reading the photos that I wrote.

Bride embracing a woman wedding guest, in the dance floor, and looking for a happy little boy.
Blindfolded bride, with the groom with her, just before deliver the bouquet to a single woman.
Group of male guests celebrating the birthday of one of them, in the wedding party.
Wedding couple tasting the wedding cake.

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