The photographer learning how, when at weddings


I am always surprised with what I can photograph during the civil wedding ceremony, usually in the venue where the party will be on. When I started to photograph weddings, some years ago, it was an affliction. I preferred doing ten weddings in a church than one in a venue. The amount of time was short, very short, and the things to photograph were so much, too much, and that was a mess in my head.

But time and doing help so much. We learn how it works, how to control our reaction, we select better what we feel is important, what we can let behind, and, after some time, what was painful has become a pleasure. One of the problems that a wedding photographer needs to solve is the time in the ritual because of the fastness of the officiants. Sometimes it seems that ends before even started. So, the wedding photographer started, very gentle, having a small talk with the representative of the state, look you are like some of your fast colleagues that do not let me time to photograph, please see if you give me some to have enough photos to offer to my clients, can you speak some advices stretching the time that I do not have, they only get married today…And it works…

So, even if it is not a priest homily, I can gain some minutes to give more to my dear and deserving clients. Like this, I can photograph all the moments of the ceremony, look around to find some others to the attention of my cameras, come back at the right moment to the yes with a ring and, in the end, thank and praise the officiant, because we never know when we gonna find him, or her,  again. Tricks that the time teaches to the wedding photographer.

Some photos in the wedding ceremony Hotel Vila Galé em Paço de Arcos, Oeiras.

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