The father with the two children on his shoulders and the mother kissing one of them, happy in the late afternoon with the wedding photographer on Avencas beach in Parede.

The photographer long time after the wedding day


The father with the two children on his shoulders and the mother kissing one of them, happy in the late afternoon with the wedding photographer on Avencas beach in Parede.

  It was a long time ago when I photographed Ana, Rui, and the kids on an ending day at Praia das Avencas in Parede. I met them at the wedding, of which I was a photographer, Vanessa, and Bruno. It is one of those events when a wedding gives me another wedding and baptisms and, still, another.

I remember very well when I received the call from Rui when my eyes were tired from editing photos for a long day, in the quietness of my office, where I found all the mysteries they contained, the photos, the amazements by the surprise of what I did not notice in the moment of the taking, or, also, the irritation of not having had the clairvoyance, at the moment, and better it the angle of the point of view that which would have transformed into more careful attention at the moment of being viewed, which is what a photograph is for.

    After the surprise of the look we are at the Avencas beach, you do not want to give a step up here and do the photo session for so long time scheduled but never fulfilled until now? I must confess that I deal very badly with the fastnesses of immediate decisions.

I am in my concentration of the moment executing my things, or nothing which does not give me any guilt, in my cozy being and, suddenly, have to solve something or be challenged for something right at the moment, let me in some sort of mental dizziness, with some strange sensation when I have to move from one state of mind to another and I need some…to what? You are where? Do you want when?…moments to perceive what is required of me?

   Hummm!!!…. Yes, I was so inside my photographs needing my attention to make them even more mine that, when I received Rui’s phone call, I was like we are after sleep but not quite awake yet and, almost at the moment to get up a dream is implanted but we do not want to miss the end and the alarm clock tells us to get up, for the important things of the day, and that sort of dizziness mixes with the light of the light open because it is time to go to life.

But, since we got up and the cold waters clean the eyes with the weight of the sleep still attached to them, I was already with my cameras on my shoulders with the right lenses for the job on the beach I know so well and, when I noticed, I was coming back with a bag full of photos and the sun was already getting ready under the bed for a big night sleep, snuggled by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean as so many Portuguese sailors have done over the centuries.

About the photos, I leave some for you to see that it was true.

The couple's youngest son in front of them, at Avencas beach, in Parede, looking at the wedding photographer during the photo shoot.
Mother and pregnant woman, with the youngest son in her arms, next to her husband, with the eldest son by the hand, walk along the beach by the sea, in a session with the wedding photographer.
With their feet in the sea, the couple talks with their children in their arms and by the hand, seen by the wedding photographer.
The mother, pregnant, with her hand on the head of one of her children, playing with him, with the blue sea at Avencas beach, in Parede, from behind, captured by the wedding photographer in the family session.

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