The photographer methods in the wedding


When wedding photographers meet each other and talk about their work, they always talk abou the quantity of photos they do in the wedding day. There are those that photograph a lot and those that just wait, wait, wait…now, this the moment and do not take too much photos.  However, with that, we can not define the quality of the work of each photographer. It is a method to achieve the goal.

I am a bit dual. I play in both methods of the process. It depends about what is going on. I may stay quite and waiting for that special moment that I know it will happen and when it does I am ready to press the shutter button of the camera, but, also, if the the scene in the front of me start to be busy, and interesting to photograph, I transform myself as a football player surrounded by adversaries in the move to the goal.

Those two photos show, even if not no so different, that process. We can tell a story with photography both ways: or everything is inside one and no more need to be shown, or we need another one, or more, to unveil some mystery not told in the first. The method was used in both by the wedding photographer. The first he just wait and done it. The second was result of a fast reaction and the need of several . Everything is good to achieve the best result.

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