The photographer moving around in a wedding


Several times the photos must include one thing that it is part of people when they move around, specially in group. Something easy to show in vídeo, or cinema, but photography need to have some elements that, when looking, give the sensation of movement, of action.

The wedding photographer can use several tricks to give that sensation.Once he is in the catch of the action, and without the possibility to direct it, he must find the way how. So, quick looking, he can use the way how the people are moving in, find escape lines to give the sensation of tridimensionality, choose lens that he know can give him some of that notion, pointing from an angle that can accentuate movement or using some twirl movement that can accentuate the notion of direction or speed, showing attention to the first plane size or a careful framing.

I already wrote here about how fast the wedding photographer must react, because nobody wait for him, to find the best way to capture the subjects in the front of him. Maybe, with time and experience, he does not think about it during the motion of events to catch.  Several times, when editing my photos, I ask myself how I did it because I do not remember exactly how and that make happy.  Does this mean that it was not done by chance but because the time taught the wedding photographer how to do it.

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