The photographer on an adventure for the wedding ceremony


Wedding photographers are not living the best days of the profession but, the same way they deliver themselves to photograph, I am sure they are preparing a great coming back. When, in the coming day, this post is activated in my Blog, I hope these costly and turbulent days we are living, January 2021, are over because of that little bug of our discontent. It is usual, for the wedding photographer, use, in the blog posts, the photos made in the year before, because I like to write all the posts when I am waiting for the beginning of the next season, instead of starting to postpone articles due to lack of time, during the wedding season.

So, now, I will take advantage, for the posts of this year, of photographs that I will revisit in weddings already done and should be quietly resting in the archives of the wedding photographer. However, it is a fine way to review work already done some years ago, and, who knows, serve to give me new ideas when the activity starts again.

It happens with these photos from a very special wedding day. I remember very well, when the bride, the german Helena, instead of having a car waiting for her at the door of the house, walk the subway station to begin the path for the place where the ceremony and party took place.

As you may understand, that decision was a gift for the wedding photographer that never let it go. Still today, it comes to my memory that soft but continuously rainy day, that gave a special texture to my photos and, also, forced to some changes to what was scheduled. But went everything well, don’t worry.

Bride walking with wedding guests to the underground.
The bride buy the underground ticket in the way for the wedding.
Bride between passengers of the underground.
Bride seated in the underground train.
Bride surrounded with underground train passengers in the way for her wedding.

NOTE: No, those days did not has gone away at the day of the this post written in January. Let’s hope the things will change soon.

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