Groom meets the bride waiting for the boat before the wedding, accompanied by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer on the journey to the wedding


Groom meets the bride waiting for the boat before the wedding, accompanied by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

There are things that not even experienced wedding photographers can anticipate. When, that morning, I arrived at the wedding couple’s house, it never crossed my mind that I would have the wedding cover, several times desired, until that moment, but never accomplished. If I compare it with a movie, it must be in the genre of on-the-road movies.

This is because as soon as we left the bride and groom’s house, everything was on the way, not usual for the photographer, of the public transportation that gave the photographer all the opportunities to photograph and, of course, a sign of great satisfaction. When we, finally, have the opportunity we can not let it go.

For me, the originality of this group of photos is the unusual gathering of the wedding couple in the middle of the way and, from there, starting together with the path that will lead them to the officiant in the ceremony where the yes will connect them forever. For the first time, at a wedding, I was like those photographers that walk around the streets finding their subjects, who knows, also, my wedding couple. I didn’t notice one of them, but it is possible.

As you can understand, that was not a thing that embarrassed me for a minute, on the contrary, I was hilarious and my cameras didn’t stop for a second, finding the most suitable places and do not miss anything.

I only can say thank you to the German Helena and the Portuguese João for this, for so long desired, gift. That is true that these photos are only the ones I think as the best for this post. Others have passed through here, in other posts, and, maybe, some others will come next, every time the wedding photographer feels the need to remember that day and the archived work.

Not because I think that they are my best work, I do not like to do such distinction, but for the remembering of the satisfaction I had for, the first time, accomplishing a wish for so long desired and, meanwhile, more or less repeated.

Groom with his mother and friends at the Cais do Sodré river station.
The groom inside the boat to Trafaria.
Groom and bride with guests sitting on the boat to Trafaria.
The bride talks with guests inside the boat towards the wedding ceremony.
The groom talks to his mother during the boat trip for the wedding ceremony.

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