The photographer on the way to the wedding ceremony, with the bride


Ask me, to the wedding photographer, to write about a photo I have done, maybe, it is not the best thing to do, because I can, easily, fall into two completely different opinions. Or, I am the best among the bests and only find reasons to self-congratulation or, on the contrary, I find all the elements that do not let it have that value and the best would be learning more about it.

Because I am sure it will be neither one nor the other, I only can say that I like it and I got it in a so fast moment, as if it was done before the bride was ready to it and, next, she was already in the move to his beloved one in the church, waiting for that very expected yes. That is why I love to be a wedding photographer. Every time I turn my head I can find moments like this, especially, when they have those floral arrangements shape. Every capturing light lover would want moments like this one.

In the end, I am a flower arrangements thief. Flower of the family of flowers and flowers that became a flower when behind them and, every time the wedding photographer find them, he only has an obligation to do. That thing invented to enchant everybody: photography. That is why I go there, to the weddings, and, my luck, I do not need to ask please, they, the flowers, ask me to go. Yes, lucky me.

Bride peeking through the door car, just before to get out for the ceremony, at the church door.

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