The photographer on the way to the wedding ceremony


On the way.  After the bustle when doing the bride is ready for the ceremony, here she is. Inside, the groom waits, as it must be. I have been there, and he can not wait so much more. That is why that small walk is experienced with great intensity by the two actors in this real scene.

From the wedding photographer, it is always a fight between the fastness of the moment, the catching and doing that perfect to the gladness of the eyes. That is why, he, also, has his own adrenaline doing the help he needs. Completely focused at the moment, better, in the succession of moments, until everybody gathers at the altar and, I assure that, bride, groom and the wedding photographer take a deep breath, a moment of relief and this part is done. Now, here come the important things.

The important things will be subject to other photos. This was one more connecting point of the day. Probably one of the most intense of the parts of the trio, each other for their reasons. From the others I only can notice and catch it in photos, but, for me, it is really intense. Those very intense moments season the story and the action of the wedding photographer.

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