Happy bride hugs a girl friend who went to her wedding at Basílica de Mafra, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer picking affections at a wedding


Happy bride hugs a girl friend who went to her wedding at Basílica de Mafra, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

If you ask me, as the photographer at the wedding, what is the thing that more appeals to my eyes, and my photographic cameras and lenses, I have no hesitation and I answer immediately: affection. They are the main motor attraction to guide the lens of the photographer at the wedding and consolidate them in photos, especially on paper where his natural place is.

Lucky me, they are everywhere, and all the time, on the wedding day. I do not need to be worried, as I was before being at the weddings because I will have enough affection to fill my cameras, with photographs.

Even if all the other parts of the wedding, that make up this very important day, were complete without affection, it was not a thing that worried me a lot. I know, some moments ahead, that I will have an abundance and it will not be short of the harvest to fill my bag, sorry, my memory card.

Since the ceremony is over and all the guests present go to the exit, with rice in their hands and petals in beautiful baskets, that were chosen for that moment, I run for that point of view that I know is the right one, and it a wonder.

Suddenly, after the bath of flower petals and rice, they, the affections, start to compete with each other and all the guests, some because they are from family and others because different ties link them to the celebrated, start in a whirl, so that theirs are the best, the most intense and the most sincere.

The wedding photographer delights with such abundance and, even if it was only here, he would take his bag full of them to download, after, in a computer eager to transform all those affections in the photos that will deliver them, again, to the wedding couple, that was the reason of it.

Me, as it must, I will say thank you and be ready for the next. Maybe, yours.

The majestic Basilica of Mafra.
Groom hugs guest as he leaves the wedding ceremony.
Bride laughs among the guests already outside the church where the wedding ceremony took place.
The groom exchanges affections with a friend at the end the wedding ceremony.
Bride is hugged by a guest at her wedding.
Groom speaks with guest as he leaves the church.
The groom pamper a boy who attended her wedding.
The Basilica of Mafra with all the guests leaving.
Groom jumps with happiness in front of the bride and friends.
The bride and groom shake off leftover rice and petals before leaving for the wedding feast.
Newlyweds, inside the car that will take them to the wedding party.

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