The photographer, smiles and happiness at a wedding


There is nothing better, for the wedding photographer, like seeing those smiles after the yes approved by the priest. It is time for his right eye never to leave the viewfinder of his camera, in any circumstances, because he can not lose any photo that happens in that small amount of time. Well, neither the others before nor the ones that will come after.

I can not count the times I had the pleasure of observing those smiles, or inside a church or under the shining sun surrounded by a flowered arch in a Quinta. I can, also, say that rarely failed that look over the corner of half-closed eyes with so much happiness. Because they are not alone I must be diligent to have that passionate eyes and click. Being a wedding photographer is like that. It is like that action hero completely focused and react at the right moment to save the maiden or the world. Humm!… or something like that…you understand.

Those smiles, in those fleeting moments, that the priest still did not as closed yet, with all the guests with restless to congratulate them, fill them with kisses and hugs that can not wait just because passionate eyes stoped in time and full with happiness in eternity that only lasts that moment. After that, it is only signing the papers and running outside where everybody is waiting for them. We know that because the wedding photographer was there.

Bride and groom, smiling, seated at the front of the altar at the wedding ceremony in a church.
Groom signing the papers at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Bride sign the papers after the wedding ceremony.
Wedding couple, with joy, going out of the church under rice and flowers.

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