Great view of the Basilica of Fátima with the new ones in the background, at the wedding ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

The photographer temple

Great view of the Basilica of Fátima with the new ones in the background, at the wedding ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

Every wedding photographer knows how much the space, as the all-day, can influence the final result of the work. The church, in the religious wedding, has, in such a way, a special impregnation in the state of mind at the moment of the photo collecting. Most of the time, when I am editing the photos, I notice the importance such by aesthetics, the plasticity of the material, the way, the light slide the details of the walls and people, always the people, that are an intrinsic part of the space. All seem to incorporate in a very special way that everything, or everybody, is a remarkable candidate for the attention of my cameras.

I talk about that because Telma and Jorge did celebrate their wedding in the Basilica of Fátima. Although the restrictions about the placement of the wedding photographer it was impossible not to let go of the influence that the architecture gained on you. The tone of the stone, the circular movement of the ceiling, and that notion of space that it is necessary to show to someone that was not there need a good sense of observation and good use in the choice of the lens to bring a truthful viewer sensation but, also, the wedding photographer feeling of the moment.

I like, very much, huge monumental spaces beyond the simple architectural design. The area must have a sort of soul that belongs to it and we can feel it through our senses and, after, by the photos we have taken there. If not, it is just four walls and a ceiling. But, usually, it is not what happened in the temples. Even if we do not have a connection with the ritual happening there it is very difficult, and for sure for the photographer’s sensitivity, that I do not feel flooded by the telluric vibration emanated here to the state of mind of the wedding photographer, a privileged by the repetition in this kind of spaces.

Bride, in a mirror, in the process of combing.
Hairdresser's hand with a hairdryer in hand, pulling the bride's hair, in combing.
Behind a pink veil, painting the bride's lips
In a mirror, the groom buttons his wedding dress shirt.
The groom's black shoes, next to a red rose.
The groom, with a friend helping him with his tie, in a mirror.
The groom has just put on his coat.
Sitting down, the groom writes the vows to read at the wedding ceremony.
Hands of the groom putting the watch in his pocket.
The groom, ready, sitting, in a portrait by the wedding photographer.
The bride's bouquet, composed of white flowers.
The bride's dress, hanging in a window with her shoes underneath.
Ruffles of the bride's dress, seen from below.
Wedding rings on clear glass.
Through a window, the bride with her mother tightening her dress.
Checking the frills of the bride's dress by her mother.
The bride looks down as the mother adjusts the dress.
Ready and with the veil over her shoulders, the bride smiles.
The bride perfumes herself.
Along with a boy, the bride leaves the house.
The bride in the car to go to the wedding ceremony.
The bride entering the Basilica of Fatima, in the midst of many tourists.
A girl and two boys walk ahead of the bride, in the church, to the altar.
The bride, with her brother, arrive with the groom at the Basilica of Fatima.
The altar of the Basilica of Fatima with the priest and the bride and groom, below.
The couple, seated, in front of their guests at the wedding ceremony.
Standing, the bride and groom listen to the priest during the homily.
Interior of the Basilica of Mafra, seen from the side, with guests, bride and groom and officiating priest.
The priest in front of the bride and groom, at the beginning of the wedding ring ceremony.
The bride and groom, in the Basilica of Fátima, with the guests behind them, taking the oath of marriage.
The bride, beside the groom, in the oath of the wedding ceremony.
Detail of the ring, at the moment when the groom's hand puts it on the bride's finger.
A boy and a girl watching the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom sitting down to sign the wedding book.
The bride walks through the Basilica of Fátima, in the midst of guests, for the exit.
The bride, on her way out of the Basilica of Fatima, receiving greetings from the guests.
The groom looking at someone, who congratulates him on the wedding.
The bride and groom enter the dining room at Quinta das Carrascosas in Alcorriol.
The newlywed couple distributing gifts to the guests.
In front of a lake in a garden, the bride and groom talk.
The bride and groom, next to each other, in front of a treetop.
On a garden path, with large trees, the bride and groom walk together, seen from behind.
With their faces together, the couple exchanges caresses during the wedding photography session.
Next to two trees, the groom and the bride, standing.
The groom kisses the bride on the eye, in the session with the wedding photographer.
Walking and talking, the newly married couple, in a garden.
The bride and groom behind a wooden structure.
The bride and groom opening their wedding ball.
Together, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake.
The bride's bouquet in the air, tossed by her and to be picked up by the singles at the wedding.

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