The photographer, the babbler and the bride at a wedding


The wedding photographers when they go on the cover of the wedding day, to fill with photos, their main subject is the groom and the bride who, over the long day, will fill different spaces and, in each, they perform, almost, a different status. They are the center of attention, not only for the wedding photographer but for everybody present.

But, once in a while, we find exceptions. Especially during the preparation of the wedding couple, where we can find someone that imposes himself much more than any of the main characters. Imagine a little girl that discovered, not so long ago, that she can talk and take advantage to do everything to use the voice and the words. Besides, she knows how to follow that discovery as if she were a dancer, looking for choreography for a show with a premiere already scheduled.

This diversion, of the wedding photographer, is proudly observed by those who do not mind losing their primary attention. In fact, everything started to work backward. The bride, and mother, abdicated, as all the mothers do with joy, the protagonism to her babbler daughter, living her most important discovery, to be the principal character for the wedding photographer…with the words, the choreography, and all the attention that comes with it. As you may understand, I could not let behind all those photos.

Little daughter of the bride standing with hand in the wall.
Mirror in the wall with the bride in the hairdressing process.
Little girls playing with the hands while the mother bride is in preparation.
Little girl seated in the stair step.
Daughter of the bride lying down and laughing.
Baby girl seated in stairs and playing with the feet.
Bride laughing after the end of the hairdressing process.

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