The photographer, the bouquet and the future brides, at the wedding


Anyone who has been in a wedding knows that it is composed of several parts and, each one, with his own ritual. Almost at the end of the day and the party fading, when the guests start packing their bags and go to the cars to get home, the bride, usually, picks up his bouquet that will decide who will be the next bride among the single ladies present.

It is a play with tradition, it belongs to the wedding day, which, still with the mood of the party, the single ladies will be strongly focused to know who will be the next, as if that depends on a flying floral arrangement. I do not know if, ever, one of the winners became, in fact, the next bride. But there is competition, yes, there is. Who wins, always, give to the wedding photographer a good reason to have waited until that moment, yes it does.

I know that the winner’s future bride is a runner in the direction of her more than anything…not always in place, future grooms have other occupations and celebrate with great joy in the eyes. Even if she is already as a photo, the wedding photographer does not lose noting behind, she likes to assure that and do not let any doubts. The photographer knows his obligations and it is not necessary to ask. Only, it is not possible to photograph before it happens and they just have to fight for the flying flowers and avoid them let hit the ground. Usually, after that, I pack up and go home, satisfied.

Bride and groom pointing the couple who win the bouquet of the bride, thrown to the single ladies.

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