The photographer, the bride and groom and the desire to photograph weddings at the covid19 days


Used to have a great ability to react to unusual situations during a wedding day, where I am a wedding photographer, I did not expect such imperative requests from my cameras and lens, as I described in older posts. After the affliction to find my pretending bride and groom, the next task was no better, knowing that I could not leave home because of the virus that put us there, when I needed to find the best spots for the session for better photos.

As I do in the real world in a real wedding, I departed with my couple and tried to find point-of-view solutions available to rest my cameras and give joy to my lens, happily feasting. I must say that, also, the wedding photographer started to feel that excitement as usual in the real sessions.

My couple behaved up to the job, never failing to do everything I asked them to do, even if it was difficult because of the lack of mobility they have, as we understand. For the wedding photographer was a great challenge that took him to a day he likes so much and, comes to my ears, my cameras and lens are euphoric, already proposing other adventures. I am open to the proposals.

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