The photographer, the bride and sisters, in the wedding day near Guarda


After all this time, as wedding photographer, I still do not understand the reason why, even after the bride is finished as ready to go for the ceremony of the wedding, someone come to the front and find some detail that need to be arranged and, without that touch, the bride, really, was not ready to go. Countless are the times the photographer think the bride is in the way, or the groom, and here comes the mother, the sisters or an aunty imagining some unfinished detail in the dress that nobody was able to see, the coat of the groom does fit correctly in the shoulders or the tiara was not strait.

But, if the wedding photographer think a bit, I believe I know why. Really, everything was well and ready. Are the last affections. Instead of kisses and hugs, they want to guaranty that she will go perfect and shine all over the street, in the ceremony place and everybody look around because here is the bride and she is beautiful. For every correction that was no longer needed, I see an I love you so much, an I wish you will be very happy or a you know you can count, always, on me.

I am, really, sure that I bring evidences of that. Even those, that only observe the process and nothing can do then just you are so gorgeous, give me an imagined kiss, are the same. So, the wedding photographer feel that is his duty to not let go any of those translations, those it seems but it is not and with any doubt, those are ties connecting persons to someone that they love very much. I was there. I confirm.

Sisters fine tuning the dress of the bride during the preparation for the wedding.
Mother and sisters of the bride placing the earrings in the get ready for the wedding.
Bride, seated in the bed, talking with a familiar little boy, when waiting for the wedding ceremony.
Bride, viewed in the back, with his sister just in the moment of the departure for the wedding.

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