The photographer, the bride and the car on their way to the wedding


Are the wedding photographers thankful for the fact that is on the weddings they earn their life needs? I feel so. That is why I can not help myself but bring some more photos from the brides going in the car to depart for the wedding ceremony, where their beloved grooms, impatiently, are waiting. Sometimes it seems to me that everything I do, until that moment, photographing stretched, rolled, hooked hair and hair lacquers, brushes, fingers and hands make upping as if the face of the bride was a canvas to an important exhibition, it is only to end in that glorious entrance.

The wedding photographer has an obsession, especially, when he sees the bride fighting with her dress that does not want to fit in the back seat of the car, has a tip stuck somewhere or the times it does not want anybody besides the bride. His twisted side loves to see her asking for help with looks, smiles and small afflictions until, finally, everything gets quiet, the door of the car is closed and a new race starts to begin and stop in that place where the ceremony will be and I will never get tired of it.

It is not because the wedding photographer is a bad person. The problem is always the photos, the reason why he lives for. Well, he knows that the bride affliction, on the way to happiness, will give him those photos that he pursues all the time and the results only can be good. With the photos and the reason for them. The photos will show to the groom how she went to him and the rest, well, it only depends on them. I imagine, with photos too.

Bride seated in the car and looking to somebody.
Bride placing the dress inside the car.
Bride in the car smiling to someone outside.
Smiling face of the bride when she entered in the car.
Very happy face of the bride, inside the car that will take her to the wedding ceremony.
Bride, inside a car and, maybe, verifying the dress.

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