The photographer, the cake and bouquet for singles ladies, at the wedding


Any wedding photographer knows that, maybe, the cutting of the wedding cake is the second most important symbol of the wedding day, next to the ceremony, of course. They are two moments where all the presents join together. The first is to assure and witness that the yes was spoken and sworn, over the representative of the state or the church and in writing paper, as they say in Brasil. The second, for each one, receive a portion of love, gratitude, and sharing all together and, as if each slice of the cake was something consecrated, having sure that it worth it being there, stayed, shared and celebrated, everything under the eyes, lenses, of the wedding photographer.

Although, not always the light conditions are agreeable for a photographer, wedding or not, send inside his cameras the light of the cake, who cut, offer and deliver it, always with great emotion, as photos so long expected some time ahead. So, after a fast verification, the wedding photographer positioned himself in the place that suits him better, for the angles of the taking, at that moment. He must be, always, attentive, so not a colleague, without the responsibility of the delivery and with the excitation that the photographers have in certain moments, does not cut him the view and the unmissable moment stays forever in the universe and never cross the lens I chose for this.

I can not forget, also, that guessing moment, where the destiny will be decided by a bouquet of flowers, that escorted the bride all the wedding day, and, now, after a fly by the room of the party, will decide who is the next bride among the single women attending in the wedding. I have no idea where or when, in the past time, this habit becomes mandatory. What I do know is that seems that all the single ladies, present at the wedding, are running hopeful and that one, with luck or athletic power that grabs it, celebrates exuberantly, for the pleasure of the wedding photographer.

Bride's cake on a silver pedestal.
The bride and groom cut the cake to be distributed to the wedding guests.
The bride and groom celebrate after the wedding cake is cut.
Bride throws her bouquet to the single ladies at the wedding.
Bride is hugged by the single lady who caught the bouquet.

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