The photographer, the couple and those who wrap them, on their wedding


Well, it is a statement that the wedding photographers know that should not need to be noticed but, on the wedding day, the wedding couple is never alone. With them, around them, waiting for them or talking about them, the guests assure them that, even when they go away after the party is over, each one will be always present in their life. I am sure of that, even if I was not the wedding photographer there.

That is why, every time I see the wedding couple surrounded by those who wrap them with games and other affections, I have one of my lenses shouting at me, almost in a panic, because I may haven’t noticed it, look at them, you can not lose it. And I go. Once, because It is unthinkable to not obey my beloved lens and, second, because those things have a special attraction to the wedding photographer’s eyes.

I know, with absolute assurance, that I would not need to do anything more than choose the best points of view and collect, here and there, all those surrounds and arounds of, and by, those that are there because they love it and love them. That is one more reason to be a wedding photographer. It gives some chills…shiiiii!!… will never know.

Bride and groom talking each other during the wedding meal.
Bride in the lap of the groom and laughing.
Friends of the couple interfering in a photo.

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