The photographer, the groom and the boys for the wedding


 When I go on to photograph a wedding from a couple that comes from a foreign country to marry in Portugal, I often meet a group of friends of the groom surrounded by themselves with the arduous task of dressing up strictly, for the long day ahead, that is just about to begin. Unlike the bride that has always an entourage to look after her, from the hairdresser to some sort of bridesmaids that will give her all the attention she needs, until the last detail of the little thread, leftover in the dress seam.

However, the groom and his squires must do everything themselves and they are not always experts in the details, needed to be perfect. It is not the first time that the wedding photographer must give a hand and tune a necktie, without interfering with his true function. But, to the gladness of the storyteller, that lack of apparent knowledge is always good for the best results, to help him in the use of his lens and photographic cameras, and nothing will be left behind.

With that, you must not think that it is always like this and the boys will go to the ceremony barely ready for the wedding ceremony. Never happens. There is always one of them that is an expert with the necktie knot, another fitting the coat on the shoulders and giving the order of readiness for everything right when crossing the aisle to wait for the bride. Even, if there are no experts in the room, everybody learns so fast that nobody goes away without being perfect. The wedding photographer is the most faithful witness to that because he shows it in photographs. It is so.

Three friends of the groom hit the cuffs of their shirts when they prepare for the wedding.
Groom sees himself in the mirror while wearing his shirt.
Hands with the box of wedding rings.
A friend of the groom hits his shirt cufflink.
The groom, in the mirror, tightens the knot of his tie.
Groom just putting on his coat and ready for the wedding ceremony.
Friend of the groom being helped by him in the details of the coat and tie.
Groom and friends in the last details before going to the wedding ceremony.

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