The photographer, the groom and the bride at the wedding day session


They are countless the number of posts, here in the blog, about the photographic session with the wedding couple at a scheduled hour, that this wedding photographer believes is the best to do it.  Even if, very rarely, the written words rarely get sucked in the point of my fingers or have difficulty getting off from my computer keyboard, to not repeat myself maybe become hard to achieve.

But, assuming that, I would give the idea that, also, the ride with the couple to photograph them, without the surrounding guests, which we want to be a joy to collect photos, the same way we want to pick up the most mature fruits in the orchard in the back yard, this wedding photographer begin, also, with unpleasure repetitions and bad harvest.

Well, don’t worry, it is never the case. Until today, I never felt such a thing. I can even say that those anticipation moments with the bride and groom, far from the guests, and feel the beautiful light, of the good hour, slipping away because are always somebody or something to delay them, my impatient side of the wedding photographer, because losing that light is a pain, only calm down after that ride is over and we come back to the heat of the wedding party, in the company of everybody. And there…there is no rest. Too much to photograph…

Bride seated near a vine tree, with the groom, unfocused, in the back in the wedding photography session.
Bride in a swing, held by the groom, in the wedding photo session.
Wedding couple embracing each other between the plants of the Quinta wedding garden.
Bride leaning against the groom in the side walk of the road, near the wedding venue, in the afternoon.
Bride and groom leaning against an old wall with a big green door, for the wedding photographer.

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