The photographer, the lenses and all things at the wedding


I remember, far way of thinking to be wedding photographer, the time when I started to be interested in photography, so many years ago. At first it was not so much photographic attachment, it was only, as it happens with the majority of the persons that photograph, bring some memory from a place where I was in some point of my life. After that it was the dive in and the madness. Because, even if I didn’t realize so much about it, I wanted to do, immediately, all the things that we can do with photography.

Photographing from far way and near, photograph wide and tight, even very tight, photograph the movement and what was still, photograph the living and the inert…well. I remember all the lens I wish to own and use them at the same time, those that contain everything inside for once and those that go far away to bring it closer and those with the ability to make big what is very small.

Long time after, I learned that the best lens, I could ever have, were my legs. It was the moment I though that it was possible to be a photographer. That is why, as wedding photographer, my legs are, by far, the most precious tool to photograph the surroundings of the party, going next near some decorative ornaments or follow the perfume of the flowers and pick up the bouquet of the bride. It was like that when I, finally, become a photographer, even in weddings, and with a single lens.

Wide view of the garden where a wedding party is on.
Flag with the names of the guests, for a table in the meal room of the wedding.
Two roses decorating a table in the meal room of the wedding.
The bouquet of the bride on a table.

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