The photographer, the lockdown because of a virus, the groom and the desire to photograph weddings


In the answer to the appeal of my photographic cameras and lens, tired to be waiting for action and prevented from letting go of their joy near brides, grooms, guests, in churches or venues, and in the last moments of come and go that so much make them happy, because a small bug around that does not like people, I had to find a bride for a past post and a groom for this one. It was the task, to make them happy.

I must say that it was not easy. I left for a task that I thought impossible because, even if I lived from the other’s weddings, I could not find in the house anything that could represent them in so imperative order. Fortunately, for me, my son did not take it with him, yet, he led the soldiers’ collection. But, even if I tried to find one in the middle of those Middle Age soldiers, from a very long time ago, it was impossible to find one more like a groom even if it was for a ceremony already in the move for war. But, as you understand, war is never a good thing for nothing, especially for weddings.

But, when the wedding photographer was just about to give up, a yellow with blue spots and red blur shout arrived in my ears just when I was about to close the door of my son’s room. Hey, I am no good. My sword is like a ceremonial sword, as you often explain to the bride the reason why his father must go on her left in the aisle, in my hand, I have something that can be an offer for the bride and, not by vanity, I am very well dressed. I know I have a kind of suspicious face, but I am a nice guy. Humm…Ok, if you behave well, be nice, after, with the bride let’s go and it is not an annoying virus that will stop us from having fun. 

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