The space where the wedding ceremony will take place, under leafy trees, at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

The photographer, the newlyweds, and the others at the wedding


The space where the wedding ceremony will take place, under leafy trees, at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

   There is a temptation on the part of wedding photographers to choose the bride and the groom as the main subject throughout the process of the day. It is an obligation because, really, they are the ones that matter and our job is to bring the story in photos with all the steps, gestures, smiles, hugs, kisses on others and others on them, dance steps, fingers attracting special rings and everything around what happens in the wedding day. However, the great temptation is in what is always diverting the attention of my lens, the great culprits for failing my compromise, that does not stop me from shouting out to the photographer, at the wedding, hey look do not let go of that one, you must see what is happening at the bottom, look how beautiful, do not you dare not take her with us. The photo. That one that was happening and impossible to let it uncached.

   That is why, when the couple, who were kind enough to let me be with them, already in the quietness of their home, realize the things they did not see because they were overwhelmed with all those happenings, will excuse the wedding photographer, here and there, point his lens elsewhere and not dedicate his attention to them exclusively. Fortunately, I have my lens that, in addition to being tireless workers, are always attentive and looking around and call me overtime they notice someone kissing someone when someone shows something to someone when someone takes a picture of someone and lets it be seen or, when his other lens, that one that can have everything at once, start to complain because I do not use it and I can, alone, do the work of the others altogether. As you can see, I must be patient to take advantage of their advice and, at the same time, calm down their exacerbated desire to transport the light through them and deliver it to the bottom of the cameras they are attached to.

   I still do not understand if the wedding photographer read over a series of events that develops all day and, instead of using words to describe them, and using, instead of the voice, lens connected to cameras or, on the contrary, he is the one who writes the photographies with the help of those pens without ink so that they can, later, be read by someone who wants to leaf through the books he, also, edit. Whatever it is, what matters is that what he writes, or reads, must be perceived by those who, in the end, have a special interest in what remains. A story to tell to anyone who comes in the future. That is why I do not stop reading or…writing without letters or words.

Two wedding guests photograph.
Mother and son, seated in the chairs of the wedding ceremony at Quinta da Serra, take a selfie.
The bride getting out of the car for the wedding ceremony.
Viewed from afar amidst large trees, the wedding ceremony at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.
The groom and the bride facing each other as the wedding ceremony at Quinta da Serra ends.

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