The photographer, the woods and weddings


I have a very strong attraction for wood environments. If close to the event, and the wedding party, and I find one that, more or less, seem to look like one, with some mature trees mixed with shrubs to frame a half body, for me, that is enough to celebrate and begin to planning some photos with my couple and have fun photographing for some time.

With that, I have that love for black and white photography, one of the reasons why I am a photographer. The woods, even that little ones and a bit bald give me the texture that the gray range love so much and, for me, it is a delicacy that I can not resist. Sometimes I may seem that annoying guy that pushes the people to do what they do not want, even if that is for their own good, and I run around, breathless, look at me, I found it and when it is time to go, we go. But, as a wedding photographer with some years doing this, I already know what is the best for the best of my work usually is the best for my clients. Until now, I never had a complaint from someone badly served.

 And, also, we have light. That light that, sometimes, I love and others I do not like, almost hate. The wedding photographers have this extreme feeling about their best friend, the light. Well, friends are for all the occasions. But in those woods, more or less composed, I found, always, that friendly light that leaves me to adore it, with love. Never a wood treated me bad. That is why I love them.

Bride with a swing in a tree with a groom watching.
Bride, standing, holding a swing.
Bride and groom touching faces in the wedding photo session.
Close up of the bride with the end of the day light.
Close-up of the groom holding on to the ropes of a swing.
Bride and groom dancing in the wood in the wedding day.

You can see more wedding examples and become with a more complete idea of his work.

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