The photographer under the Algarve sun, at a wedding


As I already said, when I was writing my posts, that he wedding photographers had no new material to show, because their work just vanished because the Covid 19. So, When I was looking for some weddings to illustrate this new posts, I found myself, again, in Monchique, at Algarve, in that soft sunny afternoon, as it is usually in those lands. The wedding photographer could not do anything else but take advantage of what Miriam and Ronan offered him.

The taste that people from the Northern Europe have to come down here and enjoy the warm sunshine, which fails them in their home land, can only give them happy celebrations and joyful party time. In addition, to be a wedding photographer, I am local born, used to the humors of the sun, and it is nice to see happy people bathing on it and I only can give them an amount of stories to be told, after, in the north, at those afternoons by tea and scones, in the form of photos.

I must say, however, that they chose a place that, for the wedding photographer, it was, always, vineyard ready to be harvested. In the middle of the Monchique hills, almost near the village, an old mansion used for these gatherings, where two of the group will says yes, at a certain moment of a ceremony, for the emotion of everybody present. There are some of those moments that never let my eyes rest and, at the same time, find the looking eyes that come from everyone to the couple of the day, letting them do what they so much like it and face the bride and the groom with that expressions that no photographic camera can resist. That is the reason why some of that photos come back to my blog. With so great pleasure.

Bride and groom seated in the wedding ceremony near an old statue.
Most of the times some elements of the place where the event is happening are great friends of the wedding photographer, witnessing the importance of the moment.
Wedding couple and guests seated when the wedding ceremony.
Even after the great wish for a sunshine that the people of the north of Europe have, the most important is the sharing of those important moments such as a wedding ceremony.
Mother in law of one the newlyweds reading the speech in the ceremony.
Telling what is in the heart for those we love, the wedding couple, it is a subject impossible to let outside the story of the day told in the form of photos.
Bride smiling when the wedding ceremony was going on.
There is always a form to show the brightening bride in that moment of emotions. Impossible to loose it.
Groom viewed during the wedding ceremony.
In order not to say that the photographer at the wedding sees, reads, each of the bride and groom in a different way, also the groom have is own tunnel for the light at such important moment.
Fingers of the bride holding the ring.
Gestures are always persecuted by eyes used to find the different things in the moment. An anxious ring ready to seal swears for a lifetime, just a moment before to be the most important character of the day.
Fingers of the bride holding the ring.
Nothing better then find timeless witnesses  to assure that it was true that them, Ronan and Míriam,  swore yes in that afternoon under the Algarve sun, in a September day.

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