The bride on her way to the car that will take her to the church, captured by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The photographer until the departure for the wedding ceremony


The bride on her way to the car that will take her to the church, captured by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

It may seem natural for wedding photographers, after many photographed weddings, to feel insensitive to the happenings in the action of the parts of the wedding, as if it was a theatrical play, and not notice all the transformations in the bride and all those that surround her, helping and guiding her to assure themselves that when she’s is ready for the ceremony, she really is.

I always find reasons that old me there and while everything is not ready I do not stop finding moments that give me photos with lots of emotions inside.

It is also the notion of a walking road that we, all at the wedding, do with more and more emotional tension that appeals to me and never lets me insensibly.

This process, starts with someone very well knowledgeable in the world of hair, with the wisdom at characterization with powders, creams, and lipsticks bringing the splendor of the bride that will be complete with the dress so carefully chosen, some time ago, until when, since everything in the right place, the bride takes way, anticipated by the wedding photographer, to the car that will lead her to the expected ceremony with that desired, for so long, yes.

So, those last moments are very special for the wedding photographer. They are specials for the bride that are so much closer to the vortex moment for what everything was made, ahead with the yes. Also, the wedding photographer, feels an increasing responsibility, because he knows he will witness unrepeatable moments that he can not fail when transforming into photos.

But, that responsibility does, in no way, hold him back and does not let him be so observant and reactive, like in other situations that can be forgivable about the loss of one or two photos that remained to be taken. I always felt that this kind of pressure was, for me, a catalyst that guided me, firmly, and not miss one.

It has been until now.

The bride puts on earrings.
The bride looks at her bouquet before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
The bride looking for the bouquet.
The bride gets into the car with a smile of happiness.

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