The photographer with brides almost ready for the wedding


I do not know if it is only a women thing, and the wedding photographer does not recognize it, even if he is doing for a while, but brides are never finally ready. There is always an adjustment to the dress, that button seems to be a bit on side, just push that side because I feel it not straight, the veil looks like it is stuck and does not float, does not hurt if you pass a cloth over the shoes and…

That is true that in the groom it is not like that. When he is ready, ready he is. I like to see the young ones, young girls, begin early noticing those unfinished things and they give to the wedding photographer the opportunity to…photograph. Maybe he start to be influenced and it seems that he, also, find one more unfinished photo and do not let one behind.

It is not the first time that I say that the weddings have a storyboard already done but, at the same time, it is completely new at every new place where to the wedding photographer was allowed to give life to the cameras and lens. That is what enchants me. I know that is one more, but I know that I will find new situations and, because of that, it seems like it will always be worth it to come back.


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