The photographer with the artists, at the wedding show


Maybe, one thing that attracts wedding photographers is the feeling that the wedding day is very similar to a spectacle. In some sort, we can find at the wedding the artists, the stage directors, the public, and the technicians that are part of every show. Of course, we can not forget the journalists that will tell the story of the show. It is as if show business and a wedding, in some sort, are no different.

But I would like to talk about some artists who, occasionally, appear in these shows. They are beloved, they agree with everybody if they know how to use the words or not, they know the right joke in the right moment or tear that tear on everybody’s faces and the lens of the wedding photographer, also, feel themselves touched and do not lose a pinch.

They own the speech. Tribunes with paper in hand, or not, improvisers with the right word, they know how to be artists in that show, better than the stand-up comedians, the poetry comes out effortlessly and they excel at analysis and description, prodigious at the synthesis and conclusion as if they belong to some sort of though school. The wedding photographer loves them. They, even, offer them great opportunities to photograph them and, especially, all those that direct all their attention to them. I welcome them.

Father of the bride making a toast at the wedding dinner.
Groom saying thanks to everybody in the wedding dinner.
Godfather of the groom speaking at the wedding meal.

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