The Photographer with the bride for the Church, at the wedding


I wonder if all the wedding photographers come to think about the things that come to my mind and serve as a base for my work and the articles, here in the Blog. I do not know. Maybe it is my thing. I never remember seeing, in the cinema, a movie that has a part about a wedding where the groom is the main character entering the church, or in another space where the ceremony is. Always the bride is the princess, the queen and only she will turn the heads, because… here comes the bride.

For my part I am always careful to let the groom enter with his mother so that doesn’t feel upset when, after, reading the story of his wedding in the book I will deliver to them. But the wedding photographer must testify that it’s a bride’s day and there is nothing that he can do about it. It is a ceremonial way lived, by everybody, with great emotion, each one knowing the importance of what is happening.

That is why the wedding photographer does not rest to guarantee that nothing will be lost in the way. If we have sun, we have sun, if the wind is strong, we face the wind or if the rain, maybe coming from some jealous cloud, decide to wet the bride’s dress, almost finished to dress it,  it is under the rain that photography happens. All of us, guests included, knows that, next, everything will be protected, the lasting path will be calm and serene but with the emotions high. Also, he, the wedding photographer, knows that it is no time to rest. There is a lot of things to do.

Bride and family under the umbrellas between the car and the church.
Boy and girl, with the bride and the father in the back, walking in the aisle.
Smiling bride with the father when arrive near the groom, at the altar of the wedding ceremony.

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