The photographer with the bride in the aisle, for the wedding


The epic movies, about the old days, always show us a parade where kings with their queens crossing aisles flanked with people that aplaude them, for whatever reason. The passage of the main characters attract, always, the satisfaction of those who wait and had a strong reason to be there.

I feel that when I photograph the bride in the aisle in every wedding. It is pomp and circumstance. It is a ceremony that will take place, with the expectation that all cerimonies behave, and the coming bride is the guarantee that will take place. That is why, when she appears at the door, the joy in everyone faces that, in advance, is already the desire of everything the best to the couple that, in some moments, will say yes to each other.

That is why, the entrance of the bride, for the wedding photographers is a moment of expectation and worry about the guarantee of catching all that emotion inside. It is the first great moment of duty accomplished, when the bride arrive at the altar near to his groom that waited her with impatience. That is how I feel it.

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