Mother bride with her little daughter in the lap in the wedding party at Adega Regional de Colares.

The photographer with those who make the wedding day, at the Adega Regional de Colares


Mother bride with her little daughter in the lap in the wedding party at Adega Regional de Colares.

Or how the wedding photographers are attracted to the attractions of others. Like that, over there.

One of the things I like very much when I am photographing a wedding, is, simply, wandering over there, with any special commitment, and observing all that fabric that goes on weaving in and out with hugs, kisses, and other things that people do when they join together, on important days.

On another hand, those people, often, come from a long time without eyes some looking into the eyes of others, smiling a lot. This is like a powerful magnet that attracts them and, fundamentally, any photographer, even if he is not for the wedding.

Because I take with me some lenses that are completely unrestrained, my only problem is to agree with everyone, because each one of them thinks the better for the moment we just detected over there, in the background, and there we go, faster than a superhero of the American comics.

At the end of the day, beyond those mandatory moments and repeatable from wedding to wedding, these random mirages, with so many to so many, give to us, me, the wedding photographer, and my lens, some of the best photos that we brought with us.

That is why a wedding is so much more than just the celebration of a bond between two people, the wedding couple, where they said yes to each other.

Little girl embracing a little boy during the wedding day.
Mother of the bride laughing when talking with some wedding guests.
Group of children and adults in a room, waiting for the wedding ceremony.
Boys seated in a chair looking at a tablet, before the wedding ceremony.
Grand parents taking care of the grand daughter, when waiting for the wedding ceremony.

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