The photographer without rest, at weddings


When I started photographing weddings and decided that was the new path for my photographer profession, I asked myself a question, because I know me. Do I will have the patience for doing every the same thing, after some time? This thing of the weddings is always the same thing, the people there do all the same things and I am afraid that, after some time, I will be bored and wanting something else. Do I need to think about other future?

Well, I could not be so wrong and, faster then I though about, none of those worries happened a minute. That is true that we can find several parts in the wedding very much alike and some are more relaxed than others. But for the wedding photographer everything is, all the time, different. To him, details are what is important. If we photograph a wedding far way, quickly we decide that it is a bored thing to do and, maybe, it is for the better find something else ahed.

But, in the moment we approach, we find all the diversity that belongs to the human being. The countless gestures he is able to do, the countless recombinations that human group is capable, the changes inside of inner spaces, invisible far away, the magnitude of the affections in the form of looking eyes, kisses, touching hands or hugs never let the wedding photographer quiet for a moment. For me, I haven’t got tired or bored, yet.

Bride reacting to a surprise when was hair dressed.
Face of the bride with a make up detail.
Mother of the bride and a guest pressing the buttons on the dress.
Baby girl, daughter of the wedding couple, smiling when was dressed.

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