The photographer’s desire to return to the wedding


Why wedding photographers are always eager to start over. I come back to the subject, again. Why I never tired myself to go photographing situations that are repeated over and over, again. The groom is waiting for me to start his metamorphosing path that will take him to the altar, religious or not, to join to his beloved bride, where in some part of the ceremony she will say yes, so much waited for. The wedding photographer saw this for so many times that he can not find nothing new, in there, and feel bored with wearing clothes, tightening ties, put on cufflinks and fasten shoes, maybe, a little too stiff on the foot.

Well. Yes, we could get that conclusion and find the work of the wedding photographer, after that euphoric times of the beginning, boring and with no reason to come back. However, when I review the photos of the weddings I ever done, as this Covid days oblige me because the lack of new work, none of the weddings I saw, and picked up again, where repetitive, boring and with no attraction.

Even if the ritual is the same, groom getting ready, everything around him is completely different. From the light of the house, the arquitectural design that give me different points of view, with a game of foregrounds and backgrounds, from the parents and all the family present to help and getting early affections, before the ceremony, and, all of them, give to the wedding photographer those free traveling in the form of light until the darkness of the sensor of my camera. All of this, will be transformed in photos, wished for everybody, one day ahed, and remember, or complete, the memory with those things that happened without notice in that day. That is why, I am always in the mood to come back.

The groom buttons his shoes when he is preparing for the wedding.
The point of view of the wedding photographer is always a take advantage of the things around him to show the thing with some fantasy. I am, all the time, finding that helpers in the space of the get ready.
The mother of the groom help him with the noose around the neck
Telling the story of the wedding day is like making a survey and picking the small gestures and framing them in a way that the photographic camera likes it. They are very demanding.
The groom, very happy, adjust the coat.
There is nothing better than those happy smiles showing the state of mind of the wedding day, in the people who personify it. An expectant Daniel is halfway to a good photo.
The final portrait of the groom after getting ready, smiling.
And, at the end, it is the portrait, the oldest form of photography. The wedding photographer never was able to get away of it at the end of the process with the groom already prepared, and Daniel helped.

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