The photographer’s imagination at the wedding session


Not always, in the place where the wedding party takes place, I can find good solutions to photograph the session, with the couple in the wedding day. I learned, with my time as wedding photographer, that I need the right hour and a friendly place so that people, not used to let themselves fly away as light through lens, until the bottom of a photographic camera, can do it with joy and surrender.

We can never do a portrait against the photographed. As much the wedding photographer knows how to use their cameras, find the best lens for the result he want he will never succeed if he does not have the photographed completely committed, with what they are doing. Whether to fake a situation, like characters from a movie premiering one of these days, whether to show that they are completely committed each other, be so that the happiness of the wedding day, exactly, enter in the sensor of my camera or, also, those photographing moments where full of joy, until they come back to the company of their guests.

So, before the it is time to go, the wedding photographer must, when he find some moments, search for places where, using the imagination, he anticipate all the points of view for photos, poses and combinations. There, is good. Here? No. Look there, near the wall, fantastic…Photographing without a camera and no lens it is a wonderful exercise that I like very much to do and very useful, with the session with the wedding couple. But, almost always, it happens that, in the real session, nothing will be like that, but that is the main reason and at the right time, I point to my couple and…let’s go, it is time. And it is a joy, on both sides, as they told me.

Bride seated when photographed.
Always pleases me, as wedding photographer, find those bucolic spots to frame a portrait, these one with the bride.
Wedding couple, walking back in the garden, with hand in hand.
The bride and groom walking in the garden, as if they were alone, it is a very good reason for a photo. It frames in the story of the day.
Newlyweds embraced in a walk in the garden.
Every time the surroundings allows it I do not resist to a photo, with the fresh wedding couple, as a first walk together after the marriage.
Groom, seated, in portrait at the wedding day.
The individual portrait is, for me as wedding photographer, something mandatory. It was impossible to end my working day, at the wedding, without those.
Bride and groom coming from the photographic wedding session in the wedding day.
And with the photographic duties done here they come for the wedding party, again. The pleasure of the photography was fulfilled.

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