Hands button the cufflinks of the shirt, in the dress for the wedding, composed by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The photographer’s support during the wedding day


Hairdresser's hand, over the bride's hair, in a mirror on a hanger at the bride's parents house, by the wedding photographer in Alentejo.

Not always the spot, where the wedding photographer will find the bride to get ready, have the best conditions for a very good harvest of photos that make the photographer satisfied and, also, the bride, the groom, and his parents because, usually, it is in their homes that the harvest takes place.

That is why, at least to me, my attitude since I arrived at the place, after the good morning to all, is to find all the support points that can help me to frame the ongoing process. Everything help. The flower vase to the foreground, between the flowers to a beautiful out-of-focus frame, some half-open door for the photographer to peek, or, as it must be, some hidden embarrassed mirror in the back of the room.

Only after finding all those helping points, the wedding photographer can go on with his work and, also, melt with people on that day for important things. I find, always, great satisfaction in those relaxed moments before the more austere and institutional event. Of course, the wedding photographer will find everything to catch, at every moment of the day, in the best possible way and be faithful to their characters.

Mother of the bride observes the work in her daughter's hair.
A tiara in the bride's hair, while they do her hairstyle.

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