The photographer’s view on a wedding day in Algarve


I have a great doubt living with me since I photograph weddings, the most powerful experience I had photographing people in groups. Before that, my experience with cameras, photos, and lenses was with unanimated things, without animus, but with a lot of personalities because they needed all my attention to combining colors, shapes, backgrounds, etc. You can imagine what.

But, since I started to photograph weddings I came across a mystery that, until today, follows me and I try to make you understand with the photo below.  It was me that knew how to choose this photo, which was in place waiting to be picked up, or were its elements, the persons inside, that offered me this with all in the right place and doing the right things and send a message to my little angel friends, sometimes they appear in my posts, which gave me that sign, always decoded by myself, and, without my merit…it is done.

I wish I could tell you that those little angels have nothing to do with it, that the people inside do not care about the wedding photographer and all the credit is mine, with my capability of observation, that I have total control of the technics of the composition and the use of my gear and I am…but I do not know. In the end, I only can believe that everybody at the wedding party, for some good reason, like me and is all the time building those photos to offer me and I only take advantage. Or…both, right? About the little angels…

Bride and groom playing with their baby seen by a child with the bouquet  in his hand.

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