The photos from others in the wedding day


An impression. I already wrote here that I understand a photo as an impression from something that happened or was. Sometimes those impressions, even if secondaries, may transform that happening in something with great visual interest.

With the smartphones phenomenon once in a while I see someone preparing a photo that can result in another photo, made by me. I like that. The fast process of the wedding day, here and there, offer to the wedding photographer those opportunities.

The black and white photography have a special attraction to this kind of photos. If the environment is conductive, the eyes can not get out of that lightning rectangle that, with some imagination, floats in the air.  For those outside the wedding days, may think the life of the wedding photographer is monotonous, boring and repetitive. Humm…ask to every wedding photographer how many hours he, or she, was there…I assure you that he does not know because all that things around in to profit. Even the others photos in smartphones. Just seen to believe… 

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