The place of the elopement photography session


We are never know-how. Combine with a couple, that we barely know, a place to be with some time for an elopement session never give the wedding photographer a real notion of the final result of that session. I do not know if they accept well what I may suggest to a possibility for a nice photo, if those jokes, that almost all photographers use to fulfill a propose, can bother them, etc…

But, at the same time, that is the fuel that I have to stimulate the journey, the meeting, and the session. Do not know. I am I bit like the jazz musicians when they jam and, even if they have never met, after two bars and three notes the thing starts and we never know how it will end. I like that with me, too.

That is why my elopement session must be the calming of my relationship with the couple. I get to know about my movements during the wedding day and they are rested, giving me the best offer on their part. The ignorance. How much more ignored I am in the wedding day better I deliver my function as a wedding photographer to that couple. And everything starts with an elopement session.

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