The place of the photographer in the cut of the cake and the end of the wedding party


Some years ago, in the begin as wedding photographer, I saw, with some interest, a television serie about two Italian wedding planners. As a beginner, I learn with them about the protocols, the symbolic and casual moments of the wedding day. My first learn was about the bride in the aisle with the father. The father must give the right arm to the daughter because the, existing no more, sword in the left does not affect the bride in the walk to his beloved, in the altar. Not a problem today but the habit stay.

Yes. They told me that the today ceremonies are copies of the aristocratic time of the passed. Men used sword that completed the father outfit with it and, if he was not left-handed, occupied the left side of the bride for an easier use with the right hand. Make sense.

The cake. The so called wedding cake it is the last offer from the couple to his guests and family. Today it may be not like that all the time, but this last symbolic act is a special thanks and it happens just before the departure of the couple for Honeymoon. All of us already saw, in the movies, those horse buggies going away with a bunch of cans and bottles tied to the car disappearing in the black of the night. The guests stay a bit more until the last ones, maybe staggering a bit leaving the party space but, at that time, the wedding photographer was no more.

Uma fotografia a preto e branco do noivo e a noiva a cortar o bolo de casamento no exterior.

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