Bride leaning against the groom amidst the leaves of trees in Sintra, in the session with the wedding photographer.

The pleasure of the portrait or the pre wedding photography

Bride leaning against the groom amidst the leaves of trees in Sintra, in the session with the wedding photographer.

From the beginning of photography, the portrait was one of the main centers of attention. From plastic artists who began to use photography as a working base for their final results on canvas, to the already photographers who created a niche apart in the world of creation. The picture has gained its own status in the great diversity of image freezing that photography has provided since its beginning.

When the wedding photographer leave with two people that we barely know for a photographic session was, by itself, a challenge. How am I going to fit them into the small rectangle of my photographic camera, how am I going to be able to turn two people into plastic material in order to mix them with the environment we choose for our session and get this all as a final result what we call photography?

This is a little mystery that still haunts me today. Of course, the cameras have lenses and through them, the reality deforms, gains elasticity, gets unfocussed, compresses, gets perspective, and, with this, we transform what is, sometimes, so monotonously familiar in final results that only at a cost we recognize its origin. It’s this transformation that fascinates me.

When I left with Leila and Bruno it was another one of these adventures of transformation of the surrounding things, once again in Sintra, as a moldable matter that becomes another form to dress my main subject, the couple, and, with this, recreate the village of Sintra and the trails of the Serra in something more of the world of dreams than our immediate reality.

That’s when I became a wedding photographer that I found the importance of those things. Thank you to my bride and groom.

Bride and groom among vines on an old wall in Sintra.
In the middle of a tree, the bride and groom look at each other in the pre-wedding session.
The couple in a dating session at a house in Sintra.
The couple choosing postcards in a shop in Sintra.
Selling the products in a tourist shop, the groom and the bride in Sintra.
The couple walks down a Rua de Sintra, in the dating session.
The couple, in front of Piriquita in Sintra, look each other in the eyes.
Standing, the engaged couple in conversation, hugging, in Sintra.
The bride, with the groom, choosing a cane in an artefacts shop in Sintra.
The groom and bride look at each other among products on sale in a store.
Bride and groom looking at a rag doll.
In the pre-wedding session, the bride and groom sitting in a forest in Sintra.
Bride and groom among trees in the woods.
The couple in conversation sitting on a leafy tree trunk.
The couple laughing a lot at the pre-wedding session.
Bride on top of two rocks supported by the groom.
Groom puts a flower in the bride's hair.
Couple talking in the woods in Sintra.
In the evening light, the couple poses for the wedding photographer.

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