The portrait, again


It is not the first time I assume, here, that the portrait is the base of my wedding day photographic cover. In fact, since I remember, in the first moments with a camera in my eyes, my lens felt more satisfied when pointed to a human face instead a valley or a mountain. My landscape always was the human face or the the body framed in a more large composition.

I acknowledge that I feel better if that portrait is made without direction. The face is there and I see if it is ready to do the path through my lens until, today, a sensor that all stop and show after. If so, I profit. I like to direct the portrait but I think it is always better if picked up from an action, in the right moment.

As a wedding photographer I come across, during the day, with several attention calls to a portrait moment that I try do not fail. Even today, I can not decide if I like to photograph weddings because the all process or because my never ending search for the portrait that I am always finding for. Meanwhile, I just pick them.

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