The portrait, by the photographer, of the groom just before departure for the wedding


Probably, the last movement of the first part of a play of four is to photograph the groom, ready. After the process of the dressing gets ready, usually with the help of the close family, the groom is ready to find his promised one, some moments ahead, near the ceremonial altar, chosen by both.

I must say that is a part that I like very much. The time is running and, as usual, push me because I have some more road to a bride, preparing herself to be and waiting for me. I watch around finding the elements that allowed me to dress my photos with a groom inside. It is now because I am not following the run of the events, that I depend just on myself taking several decisions at the same time.

Find the right set, verify how to deliver the main character, be imaginative in the composition, and, at the corner of the eye, find the next spot because the time is running without time, because those far away uncles need to be in one photo and I still need to find a place to that essential headshot, for the album. But…it is done, the time stretched and I am already on the way to the bride. This is the very calm life of the wedding photographer.

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