The portrait

 Aloud me to repeat some photos from the last post, but they are nice support for the following ideas. In conversation with a friend who is also a wedding photographer, I remember telling him that I feel myself, during the wedding day cover, and even if the method I chose is what we can call wedding photojournalism, always doing portraits as with individual actors or as a group.

There is a word used in the world of wedding photography to show the caption of something in a very limited time-lapse, impossible to repeat which will become very important to the viewer: moment. It is used by those that capture it and, also, by those that watch the result in the form of a photo. That moment is exterior to the wedding photographer which with technical skills, visualization training, and fast reaction can transform, with that capture with the crucial elements to become a photo, a glimpse of something important for a future reminder: circumstantial framing, composition, texture for the dramatic interpretation and, finally, direct the eye of the viewer, always, in the printed paper.

When wedding photographer and using the method of photojournalism I am in a struggle with the change and evolution in the space and time of everything that surrounds me. The bride in the get ready, the ceremony with the symbolic moments or the chaotic and uncontrollable dance space,  when transformed in the photo must have inside all the elements in the last paragraph. That is the goal, every time, of the wedding photographer.


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